• As Winter Rolls Around, Are You Increasingly Depressed?

    Are you suffering from depression, losing interest in everyday tasks and feeling that you have no hope? If this is something that has been affecting you for a while and seems to be much worse in the wintertime, then you may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. What is this, and how can you take steps to counter its effects? Risk of Deficiency This type of disorder is generally associated with a lack of vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin.
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  • 3 Signs of Postpartum Depression

    If you have recently given birth, it is likely that your emotions will be mixed up. The emotional turmoil is a result of significant changes to the different hormones in your body. The process of bringing life into the world can also cause trauma to your body. As a result of this, sometimes mothers can develop what is sometimes called the baby blues. However, while feeling a little down or mixed up for a few days after childbirth is quite common, if the feelings continue for longer than this, it could also be a sign of a more serious condition called postpartum depression.
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  • Why Newlyweds Require Marriage Counselling Throughout Their Marriage Life

    The phrase "there's trouble in paradise" is not new to our ears. It goes to show that marriage relationships are not always smooth sailing – married couples may hit a snag at some point, which may cause them to consider getting divorced, separated or even having the marriage annulled. Many spouses think they only need to see a marriage counsellor when the going gets tough. This is not usually a smart move because the problem might be so significant by then.
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