Why Newlyweds Require Marriage Counselling Throughout Their Marriage Life

Posted on: 1 March 2017

The phrase "there's trouble in paradise" is not new to our ears. It goes to show that marriage relationships are not always smooth sailing – married couples may hit a snag at some point, which may cause them to consider getting divorced, separated or even having the marriage annulled. Many spouses think they only need to see a marriage counsellor when the going gets tough. This is not usually a smart move because the problem might be so significant by then. 

As a newly married couple, both you and your spouse will need marriage counselling service throughout your marriage life. Here is a run-through of how marriage counselling works and how it can help prevent marital problems that may end your marriage. 

How does marriage counselling work?

Before delving into the benefits of marriage counselling for newlyweds, it is first vital to gain a general understanding of what marriage counselling is. In a nutshell, marriage counselling is basically all about helping spouses resolve any problems they are facing in their marriage that may be tearing them apart. Normally, a professional psychologist or therapist, known as a marriage counsellor, presides over the counselling sessions. 

How can it help keep your marriage going?

Marriage is not always a bed of roses. Things may get really difficult down the road, and you will need all the support you can get to keep on fighting to save it. Marriage counsellors can help young couples experiencing a rough patch in their marriage look at things in a whole different way. They will accentuate that it is perfectly normal for married couples to encounter problems sometimes and that it is such problems that make them come out stronger and triumphant in the end. They can even give real-life examples of past couples they have helped overcome particular challenges, without disclosing their identities, of course. This way, you and your spouse will have an easier time patching things up when you're going through trying moments.

Sometimes, all it takes to save a marriage that is destined for doom is someone that can remind the distressed spouses why they opted to get married in the first place. A marriage counsellor is the right person for this job. Through asking you to share your past encounters, such as when you first met, they will take you down memory lane – back to the time when it was all lovey-dovey between you and your wife/husband. This can help you work out your differences more easily.

In short, marriage counselling will provide you with the support system you need to overcome marital challenges that may come your way in the course of your marital life.


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