Should You Seek Marriage Counselling? 3 Signs You Shouldn't Overlook

Posted on: 20 October 2020

Every couple expects their marriage life to work for them and also be an inspiration for others. However, marriages experience shakeups sometimes. If the problems aren't fixed in good time, divorce could be inevitable. And although conflicts and issues in marriage are unavoidable, how they are resolved determines if the couple will hold together again or if they will part ways. Seeking help from your parents, relatives or friends when you are at loggerheads with your partner might not help much. Instead, you should go to a marriage counselling session to save your marriage. Marriage counselling is necessary when you see any of the following signs.

You Always Have Heated Conversations

Whenever a couple experiences some problems or doesn't agree on some issues, it's crucial to give friendly communication a chance. Ignoring the problem or avoiding it doesn't help. However, when some couples sit down to talk about or resolve the issue, they experience some perturbing communication problems. If you always engage in a heated debate or conversation whenever you come together to resolve your issues, then it's a sign that you need help. In this case, involve a marriage counsellor in your dialogue because they will help you reason together more amicably and eventually resolve your marital issues.

You Are No Longer Interested in Your Marriage

When a partner or both partners lose interest in their marriage, transparency and trust usually disappear. The partners start to keep secrets, and they don't even share things that concern their marriage. When the spouses lose interest in their marriage relationship, they no longer do things together as they used to do. For instance, they no longer want to exercise, eat or watch movies together or even share their deepest secrets. 

It's usually dangerous because it shows the spouses have lost each other's confidence and trust. However, the couple shouldn't give up on their marriage, but they should seek help from a marriage counselling professional. The counsellor helps find out the real cause of mistrust between the spouses and also recommends what they could do to revive some interest in their marriage.

No More Sexual Intimacy

If the two of you see each other as roommates or if you perhaps sleep in separate bedrooms, then you aren't intimate to each other anymore. Romance is an important ingredient in any thriving marriage. If the spouses are no longer romantic, they have a big problem that may require a marriage counsellor to intervene. Couples in a healthy marriage should be free to hug and kiss each other and also enjoy sex. If you are struggling to enjoy such things, you need marriage counselling so that you can spark intimacy once more.

The marriage life may not be easy, but marriage counselling may help you resolve most of the issues you experience as a couple. In fact, you shouldn't think about it only when you are about to divorce; also consider it any time you notice any of the above signs.


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