The Benefits Of Marriage Counselling

Posted on: 21 October 2021

Have you considered marriage counselling? Most couples consider counselling when experiencing relationship issues. However, counselling is the best way to keep in touch with your lover and understand how they perceive you and the relationship. If you are giving thought to marriage counselling, below are some of the benefits of this intervention. 

Understanding Your Lover

A problem in most marriages is that spouses hear rather than listen to their partners. Over time, the marriage becomes dysfunctional since each party feels like their needs are not met. For example, if your partner says they are tired after a day of work, it could be that they expect you to prepare diner or warm them a bath. However, in your case, you could assume that they are okay. 

Boosting Communication

An instant benefit of marriage counselling is that it will help boost communication with your partner. In some cases, married people are unable to relay feelings to their partners. For example, if you make fun of your partner's cooking at one point, they may not be willing to prepare supper with you. Similarly, your partner may be unable to address money issues with you since you get angry at the mere mention of money. Your relationship counsellor will help you overcome the various communication barriers. Ultimately, you will learn how to communicate with your partner and address their needs without assuming that you are doing them a favour. 

Healing Relationship Trauma

Did you know that your spouse could be suffering from relationship trauma? For example, you may have discouraged them from advancing their education or seeking a promotion at the workplace. Worse off, you may have made a negative comment about their body or sexual performance. These traumas are difficult to heal, and your partner may be looking for the slightest opportunity to revenge. A relationship counsellor will identify these traumas and help you with the healing process. For example, it could be your partner took a joke too seriously. In this case, you will know your partner's limits to ensure you do not hurt them in the future. 

Improving Intimacy 

Once your relationship becomes problematic, intimacy slowly fades out. For instance, deep-rooted anger towards your partner could prevent you from touching them or kissing them while alone. The relationship counsellor will help you ignite the dying embers of your love life. For example, they could encourage you to complement your partner to make them feel good about themselves. Besides, you could go on a vacation to help you rekindle your love life. 

Marriage counselling will help you understand your partner, boost communication, heal relationship trauma and improve intimacy. 


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